Nyumba Kumi members commit ourselves to the following 10 Covenants

to give us a sense of Nationalistic Patriotism in pursuance of

Security, Peace and Prosperity.



Nyumba Kumi Covenants

Article 1

Nature of the State of Kenya

We as members of Nyumba Kumi and people of Kenya uphold the principle of a sovereign unitary Republic of one country, one nation, and one people. We believe in the supremacy of the citizens and that no single institution may supersede the will of the people at any time.

We believe in the Dignity of every Kenyan, rich or poor and regardless of creed, education, ethnicity or political persuasion.

We believe that Kenya is an African country where other races are welcome on the understanding that in this Nation there is no room for the manifestation of discrimination on the basis of ethnicity, class, race, religion or political persuasion.

Article 2

Democratic Governance

We believe that the President of this Republic should be elected by a minimum of fifty plus one (50 plus 1) percent of the votes cast in an election.

Furthermore, the Head of State should serve a maximum of two terms not exceeding five years and that concurrently, National elections be held every five years - on an equal representation – democracy through the ballot.

Nyumba Kumi members believe that the election of the President, Members of Parliament, Senators, Country Governors and County Representatives should be conducted under a free and fair process by an independent electoral body.

We believe in the separation of powers between Parliament, the Judiciary and the Executive.

Article 3

Fundamental Rights

Nyumba Kumi believes in Bill of Rights especially, a citizen’s right to life, right to free expression, right of assembly, conscience and religion, peaceful protest and freedom of information - including free access to all official documents except where their release is likely to prejudice security of the state or the right of privacy - and that these rights are inherent and inalienable.

We believe that access to good Security, Health Care, Education and Housing are basic rights of the citizens of this Republic. We also believe that it is the role of the State to promote and continuously oversee improvements in the quality of life of the citizens of the country.

Nyumba Kumi believes that all individuals are born equal and that they are equal before the law. In the spirit of Peace, Justice and Prosperity, Nyumba Kumi believes that all citizens of this Republic should have equal access to security, justice and protection of the right to personal privacy.

We are against undignified and cruel punishment and any form of confinement without trial. We also believe in the need to offload antiquated and draconian colonial laws, which encourage attitudes of impunity and foreign domination.

Article 4

National and Personal Security

Nyumba Kumi believes that as a Grassroots Security initiative blended with Community Policing we must expand the public interface in security matters to include basic public knowledge on security threats and anti-terrorism preparedness. The public must therefore, be educated on security and anti-terrorism measures in order to have a meaningful and effective participation in Homeland Security.

Community policing is, in essence, a collaborative initiative between security agencies and the community that identifies and solves community security and safety problems. With the police no longer the sole guardians of law and order, as per the New Constitution, all members of the community become active allies in the effort to enhance the safety and quality of neighborhoods livelihood.

Indeed Nyumba Kumi is a devolution of security to the grassroots and a natural extension of the national healing process providing a strong national cohesion building block. Nyumba Kumi believes security is an essential ingredient for national prosperity.

Article 5

Family Values, Marriage Rights and Citizenship

Nyumba Kumi further believes in fundamental Family Values- including the right to marry, raise a family and live anywhere in Kenya and the world and of belonging to kinship and the right to any other legitimate identity. The Nyumba Kumi recognizes the value of ethnic diversity, alongside religious and customary values.

Nyumba Kumi supports duo-citizenship provided caution is taken on account of the risks so that such rights do not confer duo citizenship to persons holding concurrent citizenship of a more endowed country who can, on the pretext of minding ‘national interests’ take military action to force a weaker country to subservience.

Article 6

Affirmation of Common Destiny

We believe that friendly salutation is the way of affirming each other as well as the common destiny that ought to guide Kenyans to unite under a nation of one country and one destiny.

We also believe that the culture of recognizing each other as Kenyans despite our diversity is the beginning of building camaraderie to the causes that define our existence as a nation.

Under the notion of common destiny - “utu” in the Kiswahili all Kenyans must respect the code of commonly accepted traditional courtesy and etiquette to guide young Kenyans in the process of engaging each other in daily social and harmonious life, patriotism and national responsibility.

Article 7

Cultural Heritage

Nyumba Kumi believes that culture is an instrument for making human cooperation natural. Its success depends on the extent to which it is allowed to be self-authenticating. Though it allows for internal discussions, the principles of decision in such discussions are themselves provided by the culture.

By uniting the people in common beliefs and attitudes, culture fills with order that portion of life which lies beyond the pale of state intervention.It fills it in such a way as at the same time to integrate its society, on the basis of common reactions, common actions, common interests, common attitudes and common values. It creates the basis of the formulation of a common destiny and the cooperation in pursuing it for the general good of Nationhood.

We affirm and believe in the diversity of our cultures and ethnic richness as the strength of our Nationhood that should never be undermined through divide and rule political pursuits.

Article 8

Natural Resources, Mineral Wealth.Environmental Communal Rights

We believe that communal land or shrines shall be recognized and that disputes over ancestral ownership of land should be fully addressed. We also believe that forests, wetlands, rivers, lakes, riparian land and other designated nature conservation areas are a public patrimony to be used only for public good in harmony with Nature.

Otherwise foreigners and immigrants should be accorded no separate land rights while their ability to buy, lease and sell agricultural land should progressively be reduced.

We believe that natural resources, including water, mineral wealth and oil, belong to all Kenyans and that it is the prerogative of the National Assembly to determine how such resources should best be exploited and shared for the benefit of all Kenyans.

Article 9

Public Ethics, Combating Corruption and Misuse of Public Office

Nyumba Kumi believes Kenya citizens must develop a strong sense of individual and national values that hold human dignity above all other pursuits to rid our country of the tag  "man eat man society" where money is NOT worshiped and looters of public coffers idolized or rewarded with political offices.

We believe in combating corruption in all its forms and in promoting meritocracy. Nyumba Kumi also believes in strengthening Anti-Corruption Statutes such that the corrupt acts of State officials and Private Sector are eliminated.

We believe in accountability and transparency for those holding public office. We also believe that abuse or misuse of public office ought to be severely punished by the law. We believe no public officer is indispensable. Corrupt persons have no sense of the value of human lives or that of hard-earned money..

Nyumba Kumi believes in basic principles of Public Thrift and Self-reliance. We are opposed to abuse of power in the acquisition of individual wealth. We deplore corruption, organized crime and impunity. We believe in maintenance of public safety, morals, ethics and decency

Nyumba Kumi believes the source of human morality must necessarily be in the interaction of human beings. It must be communal, which, more than “social,” implies a joining of persons! This basic fact of human existence is of primary importance in all our socio-political, economic and cultural coexistence, which informs other modes of our national cohesion of communities in our Motherland.

We cannot build a new Kenya on Antagonistic, Confrontational and Ethnic Hate Relationships but on the Principles of Tolerance, Co-existence and Unity of Purpose.

Article 10

Principle of Public Thrift

Nyumba Kumi believes in the removal from the face of Kenya the description as a “man eat man society” from which our country has been unable to run away since independence. This is what our New Constitution and Vision 2030 envisage to achieve in order to create an equitable Kenyan society.

Nyumba Kumi believes our future generations need not to be born in misery, deserts, breathe bad air, eat bad food, suffer poor health or  live in squalid conditions because of mismanagement of resources.

Nyumba Kumi believes in a thin government that will put brakes to extravagant spending and engage in prudent thrift of public spending. The tern "tuponde  mali ya serikali" by civil servants and government contractors must be removed from public service delivery ethics. 

Nyumba Kumi believes our current foreign debt is weighing heavily on Kenyans. If we wish to borrow money, it should be strictly for profit-making facilities or business. Through such policy and a proper payment plan, money raised from profits by such facility, will repay back the loans without overburdening the rest of the economy.

Loans that cannot repay themselves should never be taken no matter how sweet they seem from East or West or wherever else – they mortgage our future generations.

In these Covenants we believe.

God Bless all Kenyans.

God Bless our Country.

God Bless Nyumba Kumi

Tuhifadhi Usalamawa wa Msingi Tujenge Kenya Mpya