New approach to Community Policing

Community policing has literally failed in Kenya, what is Nyumba 10 new approach?

Give specific training to police to improve their capacity to implement community policing. In addition to basic training related to gender-based violence and survivor-centred responses, topics should include community policing concepts, address attitudes and myths related to survivors - key to improving effective victim identification and engagement - and specifically develop personnel skills in communication, collaborative problem-solving and cooperation. These skills are essential for working in partnership with community members, government and local organizations with experience addressing the issue, and can strengthen police interventions.

Promote linkages between community police, women’s organizations and community groups advocating or providing services to survivors, e.g. joint training/patrolling, coordinated government services. Engaging groups in conducting community safety audits can increase police awareness of women’s security concerns and improving women’s sense of security.

Hold regular meetings between the police and community groups in convenient and safe locations to encourage participation of all community members, especially women. Such consultations should be organized with women’s advocates and should consider the location e.g. community centres rather than police stations; time hours where women can freely move and have fewer competing responsibilities; and format of meetings, small groups versus large public forums, presence of female personnel, to ensure women’s security and maximize their participation.

Establish internal systems within the police that encourage and reward innovative practice with respect to violence prevention and response, e.g. performance-related pay, service awards, police officer of the month.

Establish local civilian oversight and coordination mechanisms to enable community groups to monitor police practices and responses to gender-based violence, e.g. community-police forums or committees and review boards.