Economic Opportunities

In not a distant future Nyumba Kumi clusters will be suitable vehicles to deliver a wide range of economic opportunities to empower youths, women and disadvantaged members through Uwezo, Youth and Women Funds. Organized groups will also be able to access commercial and industrial funding for business.

It is planned that Nyumba Kumi clusters will manage agricultural, commercial and industrial ventures in a system similar to Kibutz in Israel or cottage industries that formed the foundation of the Chinese industrial revolution. The success of the cooperative movement in Kenya, before politicians messed it, is a good lesson to learn from.

By forming an Economic Development Committee Nyumba Kumi clusters will be able to submit business proposals by their youth, women or disadvantaged groups seeking financial support in a better organized manner than the groups struggling on their own. The applicants will have the advantage of a pool of knowledgeable, experienced and mature members of the committee to drive the process.

The clusters will be organized into economic units that can determine their own commercial and industrial ventures in line with the national goals envisaged in Vision 2030. Forward looking planning will enable some clusters to develop export processing zones that can enjoy tax holidays.

The chairman of Nyumba Kumi Security Initiative Joseph Kaguthi has called on Kenyan leaders to view Nyumba Kumi in the broader perspective as a vehicle for change in the management of Homeland Security and economic development. He sees the initiative as an opportunity to further the national healing of the wounds inflicted upon Kenyan communities by the 2007-2008 post election violence by enhancing security and providing peaceful environment for economic ventures countrywide.

Mr Kaguthi adds that Nyumba Kumi is indeed a process of devolution of security management in the country that will deliver economic opportunities to every household in Kenya. No other system can guarantee a socioeconomic devolution with guaranteed secure environment.

The critics of the initiative are taking a very narrow view of only security aspect and denying themselves the opportunity to enrich a goldmine of opportunities. A good example is the digital revolution's mobile telephone, which has generated great economic opportunities beyond the voice, while proponents of landline system are stuck in telegraphic age for decades. The Nyumba Kumi critics can pass for analogue generation stuck in past history.